The Forefront Living Foundation Received $10,000 Grant from the Eluna Network

The Forefront Living Foundation received a $10,000 grant from the Eluna Network on December 21, 2021. The grant will be used to establish and operate a bereavement camp called Camp Erin.

Camp Erin was created in 2000 by former Major League Baseball pitcher, Jamie Moyer and Karen Phelps Moyer in memory of Erin Metcalf.

The Moyers were introduced to Erin when she was 15 years old through Make-A-Wish. She was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. Erin and the Moyer family got very close, and she would routinely express concerns to them about the impact her illness had on her family and siblings. She was very worried about leaving her family and felt that her siblings would have a very difficult time healing. In 2000, when Erin died at the age of 17, Jamie and Karen Moyer created the first Camp Erin. They choose to honor Erin’s memory by creating a grief camp.

Camp Erin will provide bereaved youth campers with weekend camp experience combining traditional, fun camp activities with grief education and emotional support, free of charge for all families. The camp will serve as a safe place and environment where bereaved youth can grieve with peers who have similar life experiences while providing coping skills that can be used when returning to their regular surroundings.

“They will be piloting their first Camp Erin family camp with us,” said Forefront Living Development Associate, Sarah Jones. “[This is] very exciting! It is also a wonderful opportunity for us to continue to grow in our collaboration efforts with Faith & Grief. They are a wonderful partner and friend to Forefront Living Foundation.”

Camp Erin will be hosted at Camp Gilmont in Gilmer, Texas from June 3-5, 2022 as a collaboration with Faith & Grief. Faith Presbyterian Hospice will provide the curriculum for the children while Faith & Grief will provide the curriculum for the adults. This partnership will allow us to offer grief support services to the entire family.

“While we are piloting this program for the first time this year. It is our hope that this will be a long relationship and we can continue to offer this to grieving families for many years to come,” said Jones.

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