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We strongly encourage anyone who has a concern that relates to a compliance issue (e.g.- Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse; failure to meet clinical standards; failure to meet state and/or federal regulatory standards; sexual harassment or any form of discrimination, etc.) to report the concern by contacting the:

Forefront Living

Compliance Hotline at: 214-413-1566

Anyone who is uncomfortable reporting a suspected violation is encouraged to call the Forefront Living Compliance Hotline.  The Compliance Hotline is designed to provide an alternative and confidential avenue for reporting compliance matters. You will remain anonymous, unless you choose to identify yourself.

All reports of suspected violations will be treated confidentially. All calls made to the Compliance Hotline will be reviewed by the Forefront Living Compliance Officer and responded to fairly. Forefront Living will promptly and thoroughly investigate any suspected violation in as confidential manner as possible, and take appropriate disciplinary action if warranted. All claims will be carefully investigated before any action is taken. We will respect and protect the rights of all, including anyone who is the subject of a Compliance Hotline phone call.