At The Forefront Podcast: Bella Vida VIPs, Phil and Karen Hunke

In this informative episode, host Tim Mallad engages in an enlightening conversation with Bella Vida (BV) VIPs, Phil and Karen Hunke, to reveal what attracted them to BV, an upcoming Forefront Living (FL) senior living community in San Antonio. The couple shares insights from their exploration of senior living options, guided by positive recommendations from friends. They discuss essential features they sought in their future home, emphasizing the significance of personalization options and the vibrant South Texas culture featured at BV. Additionally, the Hunkes complimented the transparency of financial matters and FL leadership’s receptiveness to feedback. Looking ahead, they eagerly anticipate a fulfilling quality of life as they age, especially through the lively atmosphere and socialization offered within the BV community. Don’t miss this very special episode, as Phil and Karen Hunke share their journey into premiere senior living, highlighting the importance of proactive planning for a meaningful life at every stage.

About Phil and Karen Hunke
San Antonio residents Phil and Karen Hunke are avid world travelers who also love the outdoors. Phil is a retired pediatric dentist and he and Karen share a passion for philanthropy, particularly in supporting oral health care for special needs children. The Hunkes provided funding for the Phil and Karen Hunke Special Care Clinic, a dental clinic at UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry, ensuring that individuals of all ages with disabilities are able to receive high-quality oral health care in a welcoming environment designed specifically for them, their families and their caregivers.

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