At The Forefront Podcast Featuring Geert Houben, CEO of Cubigo


In this episode, host Tim Mallad welcomes Geert Houben, Founder and CEO of Cubigo, an integrated senior living software platform seamlessly connecting staff, residents, and family members while digitizing common functions within senior living communities (dining, maintenance, transportation, communication, and activities). In this thirty-minute podcast, Tim and Geert discuss the benefits and misconceptions of combining seniors with modern technology usage. Join us for this very special episode and learn how technology is positively impacting seniors through greater connectivity and communication across the globe.


A native of Belgium, Geert Houben has served as Founder and CEO of Cubigo since 2016. Cubigo was inspired by the challenges faced by Geert’s grandmother as she aged and led him into believing that technology could help with those challenges. Geert said, “We had to bring together two totally opposed worlds, that of technology and the world of senior citizens. But imagine the user potential!” Cubigo is utilized globally in 600 senior living communities across the United States and Europe.

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