BVALC: Building Bridges with the Community through Chamber Memberships

A new chapter is about to unfold in San Antonio with the planning of Bella Vida at La Cantera (Bella Vida/BVALC), a senior living community that promises to redefine retirement living in the heart of Texas. But Bella Vida is not just about providing a beautiful haven for seniors; it’s about becoming an integral part of the community fabric. In a significant move, Bella Vida has joined both the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce and the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, signaling their commitment to building meaningful connections and expanding their outreach.

By becoming a member of the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce, BVALC is stepping into the heart of the Boerne community. The chamber is known for its dedication to fostering economic growth and creating opportunities for local businesses. Bella Vida’s partnership with the chamber is a testament to their dedication to being more than just a resident-centered community; they aim to be a valuable contributor to the local economy, workforce and overall vitality of of this area.

Joining the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce signifies Bella Vida’s intention to broaden their reach. Through this partnership, BVALC aims to connect with a wider audience, attracting individuals and families seeking an exceptional senior living experience that’s not too far from the bustling heart of San Antonio.

Bella Vida’s decision to join both chambers of commerce underscores their commitment to creating a holistic community experience that encompasses both the residents who will reside there as well as the larger community they are part of. By engaging with local businesses, entrepreneurs and residents, BVALC aims to enrich the lives of not only their residents, but also those who call Boerne and North San Antonio home.

“We are absolutely thrilled to join the Greater Boerne and North San Antonio Chambers of Commerce! There are boundless opportunities for connection and partnership in this strong and vibrant community. The Chamber’s extensive focus on nonprofit business was apparent from the start, and we couldn’t feel more welcomed by leadership there as well as other Chamber members.” Rose Harte, BVALC Community Ambassador, said.

As the vision of BVALC takes shape, it’s clear that this senior living community is primed to become more than just a collection of residences. Through their active participation in the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce and the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Bella Vida is poised to weave itself into the social and economic tapestry of the region, bringing a new level of vibrancy and vitality to both communities.