The Construction Corner – January 21, 2022

This issue includes:

  • A picture of the completed Corrigan library,
  • A guide to what construction is doing at PVN from Monday, January 24 to Friday, January 28,
  • And a pictures of the construction progress around Presbyterian Village North!
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The Construction Corner, January 14, 2022

This issue includes:

  • Renderings of the pond at PVN,
  • A guide to what construction is doing at PVN from Monday, January 17 to Friday, January 21,
  • And a pictures of the progress in the Corrigan building!
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The Construction Corner – January 7, 2022

This issue includes:

  • Pictures of progress in the Corrigan building,
  • A guide to what construction is doing at PVN from Monday, January 10 to Friday, January 14,
  • And a picture of the completed Sundries shop!
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Thoughts on the New Year From CEO, Tim Mallad

When this issue of “At the Forefront” was imagined, the team asked me to highlight 12 meaningful stories from 2021. A retrospective glance seemed like a great idea! After all, we were at the cusp of a new year. One many thought would herald the end of pandemic.

Instead, we began to experience new COVID-19 cases in December. Just a few, “here and there.” The “here and there” soon became “everywhere” as we entered 2022. As this new spike developed, our leadership team took great comfort in the many good things, more than 12 to be exact, that happened in 2021.

2021, much like this year, began with a spike in the COVID-19 cases and like this year, our Forefront Living family rose to the challenge. Teammates covered shifts and put their shoulders to the wheel as their peers recovered from the virus. Residents encouraged each other and lent a helping hand to those in need. They, along with family members and patients, encouraged and supported those at the frontlines.

Our values of diversity, integrity, stewardship and compassion, based in faith, guided us all into the new year and the unknown. A new value, transparency, emerged over these many months. We shared information, even when not certain, and clung to the message that we are all in this together.

While I would love to be able to share my selections for the top 12 highlights of 2021, I would rather wait until another year when it is easier to select ONLY 12 highlights to focus on! What I do know is that our organization weathered the last 20 months with grace and emerged stronger. Presbyterian Village North (PVN) remains vital, and with the opening of The Hawthorne, is setting the standard for senior living in the metroplex. Faith Presbyterian Hospice (FPH) continues to grow its footprint and serve patients and their families with the love and compassion. The Outlook at Windhaven (OAW) is off to a tremendous start and other new Forefront Living retirement campuses are on the horizon. The team is more united to each other, and we are especially more connected to those we serve.

I remain in awe of the spirit of philanthropy that brings the extraordinary to our organization. The T. Boone Pickens Hospice endowment reached over $9 million dollars 2021. The PVN Foundation continues to provide caring funds to residents, enhances programming and makes the physical environment for our residents the best in Dallas. Our donors maintain their financial support, but continually give their time and talents whenever needed.

While many people grapple with the uncertainty of the pandemic and other external factors, we have the certainty as an organization that we will be there for each other. I look forward to another year of growth, health and success for us all. Happy New Year!

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The Forefront Living Foundation Received $10,000 Grant from the Eluna Network

The Forefront Living Foundation received a $10,000 grant from the Eluna Network on December 21, 2021. The grant will be used to establish and operate a bereavement camp called Camp Erin.

Camp Erin was created in 2000 by former Major League Baseball pitcher, Jamie Moyer and Karen Phelps Moyer in memory of Erin Metcalf.

The Moyers were introduced to Erin when she was 15 years old through Make-A-Wish. She was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. Erin and the Moyer family got very close, and she would routinely express concerns to them about the impact her illness had on her family and siblings. She was very worried about leaving her family and felt that her siblings would have a very difficult time healing. In 2000, when Erin died at the age of 17, Jamie and Karen Moyer created the first Camp Erin. They choose to honor Erin’s memory by creating a grief camp.

Camp Erin will provide bereaved youth campers with weekend camp experience combining traditional, fun camp activities with grief education and emotional support, free of charge for all families. The camp will serve as a safe place and environment where bereaved youth can grieve with peers who have similar life experiences while providing coping skills that can be used when returning to their regular surroundings.

“They will be piloting their first Camp Erin family camp with us,” said Forefront Living Development Associate, Sarah Jones. “[This is] very exciting! It is also a wonderful opportunity for us to continue to grow in our collaboration efforts with Faith & Grief. They are a wonderful partner and friend to Forefront Living Foundation.”

Camp Erin will be hosted at Camp Gilmont in Gilmer, Texas from June 3-5, 2022 as a collaboration with Faith & Grief. Faith Presbyterian Hospice will provide the curriculum for the children while Faith & Grief will provide the curriculum for the adults. This partnership will allow us to offer grief support services to the entire family.

“While we are piloting this program for the first time this year. It is our hope that this will be a long relationship and we can continue to offer this to grieving families for many years to come,” said Jones.

For more information about bereavement services at Faith Presbyterian Hospice, please visit

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The Construction Corner – December 30, 2021

This issue includes:

  • Pictures of the Corrigan building before and after the remodel,
  • A guide to what construction is doing at PVN from Monday, January 3 to Friday, January 7,
  • And a message fromn contractors looking towards the new year!
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Miss North Texas and Miss DFW Outstanding Teen Visit The T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center

On December 17, Miss North Texas, Madi Franquiz and Miss DFW Outstanding Teen, Lauren Bond visited with hospice patients at the T. Boone Pickens Hospice and Palliative Care Center.

“I’m so grateful to Lauren Bond, Miss DFW’s Outstanding Teen and Madi Franquiz, Miss North Texas, for taking the time to visit our patients at the T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center,” said John Mezo, Faith Presbyterian Hospice Executive Director. “The love and kindness shown to our patients and families is a testimonial to how these two ladies truly care about people, especially those who are weary and need an encouraging word.”

Miss DFW Outstanding Teen, Lauren Bond is the daughter of Faith’s Medical Director, Dr. Michael Bond.

“Lauren’s visit to the T. Boone Pickens Center was a unique and uncommon visit for this institution,” said Dr. Bond. “The positive energy, inquisitive interaction and genuine empathy of a dynamic 16-year-old is unlike any of the other “celebrity” visits to the center.”

In addition to chatting with several patients and their family members and posing for photos while touring the T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center, the duo made one of the visits extra special by singing happy birthday to a patient on her big day!

“Lauren is an introspective young lady who through her own adversity has found joy in helping others.  Her social impact initiative is Different People Make a Difference” advocates to erase the negative perception people have about others’ dissimilarities and encourages embracing the unique differences each of us possess,” said Dr. Bond.

Lauren plans to return to the T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center to visit with more patients and families.

To keep up-to-date with Miss DFW Outstanding Teen, Lauren Bond, follow her here and to follow Miss North Texas, Madi Franquiz, click here.

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The Forefront Living Foundation receives Hoglund Foundation Grant for Faith Presbyterian Hospice

The Forefront Living Foundation received a two-year $30,000 grant from the Hoglund Foundation on December 17.

These funds will provide DFW children a support system for mitigating the wide-ranging negative effects of parental and familial loss through Faith Presbyterian Hospice. All services will be offered for free and available to the entire community and those referred by outside organizations.

Grief support services at Faith include:

  • One-on-one visits with a child life specialist.
  • Educating parents and grandparents regarding the development aspects of grief in children.
  • Working with immediate caregivers to assist them in understanding the behaviors associated with grief.
  • As appropriate, providing and assisting with referral resources to grieving families who are at a high risk for complicated grief.
  • Facilitating monthly peer support groups, like Faith Kids, for children and families.
  • Offering bi-annual family grief camps, such as Camp Faith, which includes peer support breakout sessions, and opportunities to honor and remember loved ones.

For more about Faith Presbyterian Hospice, visit

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PVN hosts annual Candlelight Dinners

Presbyterian Village North (PVN) hosted their annual Candlelight Dinner from December 13 – 15 in Landings Café beginning at 5:30 each night.

This year, the dinner was held on four nights to accommodate all independent living residents and remain socially distant.

Opening the evening, Bryan Cooper, Executive Director at PVN and Lisa Englander, Director of Residential Services shared their holiday wishes and a warm welcome.

Dinner was provided by PVN’s own culinary team. The appetizer served was shredded brussels sprout salad. To compliment the wine, dinner consisted of filet of beef, smashed root vegetables, green beans, baby carrots and a mushroom medley. For dessert, the attendees enjoyed a flourless chocolate torte with crème anglaise.

While dinner was served, pianist Bill Cobb played holiday classics.

Each guest was given cookies (prepared by Kaily Ellis) to take-home as a treat for attending the celebration.  

For more information about independent living at Presbyterian Village North, visit

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