At The Forefront Podcast Welcomes Panel of Senior Living Experts

Check out our two-part episode of “At The Forefront” featuring an advisory panel of senior living experts to discuss multiple facets of the continuing care retirement community (CCRC) industry. Tim Mallad and the panel guests including Steve Ailey, George Linial and Pam Altizer, provide a comprehensive overview of the history and current state of senior living. This trio offers tips when researching a CCRC provider, discuss entry fees and financing and offer personal insight into selecting the best senior living community based on an individual’s needs and preferences. Join us for this special two-part episode designed to help you and your loved ones navigate the path to living well through senior living.


Steve Ailey is the CFO for Forefront Living and has 20 years of experience in financial and operations management. His professional background includes working with non-profit healthcare organizations and financial firms.

George Linial is the CEO and President of LeadingAge Texas and has more than 20 years of experience in working with senior issues. LeadingAge provides leadership, advocacy and education for not-for-profit retirement housing and nursing home communities.

Pam Altizer is a retired business professional with a finance background. Pam and her husband Goose are both active residents at Presbyterian Village North. Pam’s mother Betty also resides at Presbyterian Village North.

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At The Forefront Podcast Featuring Chef Kevin Neff


In this episode, host Tim Mallad welcomes Kevin Neff, Executive Chef at Presbyterian Village North (PVN), to demonstrate that healthy cooking is easy and tasty! In this twenty-minute podcast, Tim and Chef Neff share recipes from Brain Health Kitchen, and partner to prepare these delicious dishes supporting brain health. Join us for this very special culinary episode and learn how consuming specific foods can slow down cognitive decline, benefiting individuals of all ages.


Executive Chef, Kevin Neff, brings more than 20 years of professional culinary experience to PVN’s kitchen. He is passionate about creating meals that are not only delicious, but also fresh, exciting and beautiful. Kevin leads a kitchen staff of 70 teammates who prepare more than 900 carefully planned and scrumptious meals, daily.

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At The Forefront Podcast Featuring Geert Houben, CEO of Cubigo


In this episode, host Tim Mallad welcomes Geert Houben, Founder and CEO of Cubigo, an integrated senior living software platform seamlessly connecting staff, residents, and family members while digitizing common functions within senior living communities (dining, maintenance, transportation, communication, and activities). In this thirty-minute podcast, Tim and Geert discuss the benefits and misconceptions of combining seniors with modern technology usage. Join us for this very special episode and learn how technology is positively impacting seniors through greater connectivity and communication across the globe.


A native of Belgium, Geert Houben has served as Founder and CEO of Cubigo since 2016. Cubigo was inspired by the challenges faced by Geert’s grandmother as she aged and led him into believing that technology could help with those challenges. Geert said, “We had to bring together two totally opposed worlds, that of technology and the world of senior citizens. But imagine the user potential!” Cubigo is utilized globally in 600 senior living communities across the United States and Europe.

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‘At the Forefront’ Podcast Features Forefront Living Board Member: Laura Wright

In the seventh episode of “At The Forefront”, host Tim Mallad welcomes Laura Wright, Forefront Living Board Member, who has deep experience working with growing companies and establishing and nurturing a positive and fun culture in the workplace.

In this thirty-minute podcast, Tim and Laura discuss her career with Southwest Airlines and the changes she experienced through growth and lessons learned.

Join us for this very special episode and come away with a renewed focus on fun at work!

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One Remarkable Woman’s Story of Thriving Through the End of Life – Shared in New At The Forefront Podcast

The majority of the news regarding the pandemic and its impact on us tends to be negative. However there have been bright, and even happy, spots amid these changing times. On April 1, 2020, one of these bright spots took place. It started small, just a spark really, but ultimately burst forth in full color (literally)!  It began the day I met Jeanie Fite.

At the start  of the pandemic,  actress and philanthropist Jane Seymour initiated the #OpenHeartedChallenge on social media. The goal of the challenge was, and is, for us to reach out to others and share our talents to create a positive impact.  Jane was the keynote speaker for the 2018 Each Moment Matters luncheon and has remained a friend of the organization ever since.  

One of Jane’s many talents is painting.  She offered to share that talent through a virtual watercolor lesson with a Faith Presbyterian Hospice patient.  The patient selected for this session was Jeanie Fite. Jeanie was in her fifth year of battling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often called Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  By the time she and Jane met she had lost the ability to speak and had very little dexterity. However, that didn’t stop the magic from happening. The chemistry between Jane and Jeanie was instantaneous. Their common love of art, music, gardening and family became the inspiration for what would be a prodigious outflow of artwork from both women.

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While there was much more talking than painting going on during that first lesson, the spark was lit.  Jane arranged for Jeanie to get specially designed watercolor pens – the same kind her friend, and costar, Christopher Reeve used during his illness. In many ways these pens released Jeanie’s inner spirit and she painted every day for the rest of her life.

In fact, over the next 60 days she created as many paintings. Each brush stroke represented a special place and time. Jeanie loved music as much as art and each painting contained meaningful lyrics from a favorite song. I was fortunate enough to commission of these paintings and it proudly hangs in the Forefront Living offices. The painting is bright, cheerful and reminds me that even in darkness there is light.

I will forever be fortunate to have known Jeanie – if only for a moment. It was a moment that truly mattered.

Purchase Jeanie’s book: The Music and Art of Jeanie Fite, here.

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At The Forefront Podcast Featuring Rocky Berg, Principal at three living architecture


In this episode, host Tim Mallad welcomes Rockland “Rocky” Berg, Principal at three living architecture, to discuss his love for designing for active aging, what inspires him, his thoughts on the future of senior living design and predictions of future needs. Tim and Rocky also touch on designing their perfect community, blending luxury hospitality into senior living communities and response to turbulence in the marketplace.


Rocky Berg joined three living architecture in 1995, armed with a bachelor’s degree in architecture with an emphasis in urban design from Texas Tech University, as well as experience in interior design. A trusted and respected Principal of the firm, Rocky has led three’s senior living market space for more than 25 years, expertly guiding owners and operators through the entire architectural process – from initial planning and design to the final punch list and post occupancy. Rocky is passionate and uncompromising when it comes to ensuring that senior living residences offer exceptional design for the complete well-being of each resident and guest. Nothing brings him more joy than visiting a completed project, engaging with the residents, and hearing one of them say, “I wish I had moved in sooner.”

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At The Forefront Podcast Published Today

Forefront Living is constantly looking to develop new and innovative ways to tell our stories. In 2020, the onset of the pandemic created opportunities to highlight many “moments” virtually and share them with various audiences. The success of these videos such as Jane Seymour painting with a Faith patient, Tim interviewing two generations of residents at Presbyterian Village North (PVN), Pam Altizer and her mother Betty, a discussion with Kim Campbell regarding music and Alzheimer’s as well as a candid chat with Faith patient/resident and hospice advocate, Rick Czerwinski, have created a new way to share digital content with a wider audience.

We are excited to announce the first episode of a new podcast, At The Forefront, was released this morning. In the first episode, Tim Mallad, CEO of Forefront Living, welcomes Rocky Berg, Principal at three who discusses his love for architecture and designing for active aging, what inspires him, his thoughts on the future of senior living design and predictions of future needs. Tim and Rocky also touch on creating their perfect community, blending luxury hospitality into senior living communities and responding to turbulence in the marketplace.

This show is designed to help highlight special moments through interviews with people from all sectors of senior living and hospice care while highlighting how individuals can thrive no matter their circumstances.

Whether the podcast features a teammate or resident at one of our senior living communities, a patient on Faith services, a future resident, family member or industry professional, our goal is to uncover the stories that dispel the myths of aging and highlight the moments that matter and position Forefront Living as a leader in the industry.

“At the Forefront” is now available for listening via Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and it can also be viewed on our YouTube channel. Look for a new episode at the end of each month.

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