Each Moment Matters Luncheon Patron and Honoree Party to be Held at Crow Library

The offices Forefront Living Foundation are a flurry of activity as their signature fundraising event, the Each Moment Matters Luncheon, rapidly approaches. One unique feature of this luncheon includes recognizing individuals throughout our community who are making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. Those chosen for this honor exemplify what it means to make each moment matter, and inspire our community to do the same. The team is excited to celebrate these remarkable individuals and recognize the Patrons who make this event possible at a very special party to be held in the Harlan Crow Library, graciously provided by Kathy and Harlan Crow.

It is a special treat to host the Each Moment Matters Luncheon Patron and Honoree Party in the Harlan Crow Library. This library and gallery, located in the heart of Dallas, was designed to showcase Mr. Crow’s 18th and 19th century art collections of portraiture, paintings, statues, rare documents, manuscripts, books and other artistic treasures. With a collection of more than 14,000 books and more than 8,500 manuscripts, Crow’s is one of the most significant assembly of such items in the nation outside of the Library of Congress. The items span five centuries of exploration and discovery, politics, conflict, science, intellectual thought and the arts.

Visit the luncheon website to learn more about its purpose, honorees, sponsors and how you can get involved. Gold Ticket Holders and Patrons at the $10,000 sponsorship level and above will receive an invitation to attend the Party on September 14.