Faith Presbyterian Hospice Passes 6,000 COVID-19 Vaccines In Clinic At Juliette Fowler Communities

Faith Presbyterian Hospice surpassed 6,000 COVID-19 vaccines given at a vaccination clinic with Juliette Fowler Communities on Thursday, May 13. Faith partnered with Dallas County in March to assist in administering vaccinations.

 “[Forefront Living] sent members of their team over here [to give the vaccine] and they are amazing,” said Nicole Gann, President and CEO of Juliette Fowler Communities. “They have just made this a joyous experience, which sounds crazy that it’s happy times getting the vaccine, but it really is. It wouldn’t be possible without Forefront Living and our partnership.”

Juliette Fowler Communities needed assistance sourcing vaccines for their affordable housing program. Faith has assisted in administering approximately 85 vaccines to Juliette Fowler residents and staff.

“Getting the vaccine is a part of getting rid of COVID-19,” said Juliette Fowler resident, Delores Reyes. “We need to do that so we can feel better. [The vaccine] is very much appreciated.”

Faith teammates enjoy the opportunity to provide the vaccine to the community through their clinics.

“These individuals truly understand what it means to get these vaccines. They’re going to be able to go back to their activities, eat in the dining room again and hug their kids and grandkids,” said Rhonda Taylor-Blair, Faith Presbyterian Hospice LVN. “Every day I hold families’ hands as people are dying and to be able to give life back to get back to that normalcy we once had, that’s what life is about. It is an amazing feeling.”

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