Faith Presbyterian Hospice will host Winter’s Night Memorial Service on Dec. 15

Faith Presbyterian Hospice will hold their annual candlelight memorial service tomorrow, Dec. 15 from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. to honor those that have passed away.

“The holidays are especially difficult for those who have lost someone that they love,” John Mezo, executive director of Faith Presbyterian Hospice. “Our hope with the Winter’s Night Memorial is that families will experience a fellowship of comfort by being together with loved ones and their hospice caregivers, and through Faith’s bereavement service, experience a healing by remembering and honoring their loved throughout this holiday season.”

The service is meant to acknowledge loss and provide a safe space for grief. This program features speakers, readings and music designed to help the audience cope with their loss.

“At the memorial, we want to be a support to the families that come, a shoulder to lean on and if I can be an anchor to someone’s grief journey, I believe I have done my job,” said Stephanie Nobles, Faith Presbyterian Hospice coordinator.  

After the program, in-person attendees can enjoy light refreshments and legacy activities, such as a ribbon tying activity. Attendees can write their loved one’s name on a ribbon and place it on the tree as a way to honor them. Virtual attendees are encouraged to participate at home.

“This year we will be a bit more personalized, as we will call out each name of the loved one that has passed for families that attend,” said Nobles.

All members of the community are welcomed to attend, but due to coronavirus restrictions, those that plan to attend must RSVP to Stephanie Nobles at 214-717-3378 or via email at For those that cannot attend in person, a Zoom link will be available.

If you would like to learn more about Faith Presbyterian Hospice, please visit