FLF Mailer Delivers More Than 3X Previous Results

The Forefront Living Foundation (FLF) sends a communication to its donors at the end of each year. Across time this “end-of-year appeal” has taken on different forms: email, letter, holiday card or a combination of all three. Each mailing is delivered to more than 4,600 supporters and provides an update, thank you and appeal for gifts.

While the resulting donations are always impressive and appreciated, the 2022 appeal exceeded the combined total of the last four years’ donations. The 2022 campaign raised $111,540 (more than three times the amount of the 2021 campaign total), including $50,000 earmarked for The Caring Fund and $30,000 dedicated to The Endowment Fund.

“When I hear families share about their experience at Faith, I am reminded how much endings matter – not just for the patient but perhaps even more for the loved ones they leave behind. The overwhelming response from this appeal will help Faith continue to provide compassionate end-of-life care which includes music therapy, massage therapy, grief support and benevolent care for those who are unable to pay. Thank you to our generous donors for their passionate commitment to making each moment matter,” Sarah Jones, Philanthropy Coordinator, said.

The donations raised from the FLF campaigns are used to support Faith Presbyterian Hospice in a variety of ways. Click here to learn more.

Recent end-of-year appeal results:

2018: $21,575 – 92 gifts

2019: $32,811 – 59 gifts

2020: $19,565 – 77 gifts

2021: $35,936 – 119 gifts

2022: $111,540 – 136 gifts