Forefront Living’s PR Duo Unveils Secrets with a RUN DMC ‘Walk This Way’ Theme

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the magic behind the scenes that keeps organizations like Forefront Living (FL) shining brightly in the public eye? Well, wonder no more! Recently, FL’s Public Relations (PR) and Communications team, led by Amee McGough and Wendy Van Bemmel, treated leadership, board members and teammates to an insightful Lunch & Learn session, pulling back the curtain on their dynamic work.

Inspired by the iconic rhythm of RUN DMC‘s “Walk This Way,” the duo fashioned their presentation to give attendees a taste of what it’s like to “walk a mile” in their shoes. With a blend of humor, creativity and valuable insights, they took everyone on a journey through the intricacies of internal and external messaging, media relations, online presence and social media management.

The event kicked off with a lively rundown of the myriad tasks that keep the PR and communications team buzzing year-round. From crafting compelling narratives to nurturing relationships with media outlets, the duo showcased the breadth of their responsibilities. Impressively, they rattled off staggering numbers of content pieces produced annually, giving a glimpse into the sheer volume of work required to keep FL in the spotlight.

One particularly illuminating segment of the presentation was a case study. Amee and Wendy detailed the journey of an idea from its inception to its triumphant appearance on a local TV news broadcast. They emphasized the concept of “earned media” and revealed that FL garnered more than $300,000 in free advertising through various TV and print news features in 2023 alone. As they explained, the ripple effect of airing on television amplifies through social media channels, transforming stories into “living” news.

To drive home their message, Amee and Wendy treated attendees to a lively “week in the life” video, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their daily routines. It was a playful blend of informative content and entertainment, showcasing the dedication and passion that fuel their work.

A highlight of the Lunch & Learn was the inclusion of 3D glasses for the grand finale of their presentation and party favors, including a QR code linking to all FL’s social networks. This not only added a fun element to the event but also served as a reminder to keep sharing the good news and celebrating teammates’ hard work long after the lunch had ended.

FL’s PR and Communications team plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s narrative and fostering positive relationships with the community. Through their creativity, dedication and strategic approach, they ensure that FL remains at the forefront of public consciousness, inspiring and engaging audiences every step of the way. The storytelling duo of Amee McGough and Wendy Van Bemmel continue to walk this way, helping to propel the organization towards ever greater heights of visibility and impact.

Did you miss the session? No problem! Watch the presentation here.