Forefront Living’s Strategic Vision for 2024: Dr. Cynthia St. John Guides 7th Consecutive Annual Planning Session

Forefront Living (FL) recently wrapped up its annual strategic planning session with the guidance of Dr. Cynthia St. John. This day-long meeting marked the seventh consecutive year that Dr. St. John has collaborated with FL’s leadership team, cementing her role as a trusted advisor and strategic planning expert.

The primary focus of the 16-member team’s gathering was to review the achievements of the past year, refocus on the organization’s mission, reassess current strategies and set goals for the upcoming year.

Under Dr. St. John’s guidance, the group engaged in thoughtful discussions, critically evaluating their performance against the annual goals and identifying areas for improvement. The collaborative effort allowed each member to contribute insights and perspectives, creating a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the organization.

One of the key outcomes of the session was the establishment of clear, measurable goals for 2024. The team’s collaboration ensured these objectives were not only ambitious but also aligned with Forefront Living’s mission and values. In addition to setting goals, the team addressed potential obstacles that could hinder the achievement of their objectives so they can develop a plan to remove them, should they arise.

The fruits of this strategic planning session will be compiled into a comprehensive report, which will be presented to the board of directors during their January 2024 retreat. This report will serve as a roadmap for the organization, guiding decision-making and ensuring that Forefront Living continues to thrive in its mission of making each moment matter for those they serve.