Hospice patient gets Christmas in November as his Faithful Wish

On November 6, patient Alexander Diaz and his friends and family celebrated Christmas early as part of Faith Presbyterian Hospice’s Faithful Wishes program.

The Faithful Wishes program fulfills special requests with transformational and inspirational experiences, such as a retired pilot who wanted to fly one more time or a father wanting to spend one last Christmas with his family.

“Christmas was already happening in his room,” Kathleen Montes, music therapist at Faith, told CBS 11. “His family had brought in decorations. His friends had mailed in Christmas decorations. He had multiple trees.”

Diaz and his family threw a Christmas party in the spiritual center at T. Boone Pickens Hospice and Palliative Care Center. The teammates provided Christmas decorations, food and about 75 of Diaz’s friends attending virtually.

“Just a magical time of year,” Daisy Casares, Diaz’s niece, told CBS. “He loved it. He would put up his tree in October and wouldn’t take it down until February.”  

Faith Presbyterian Hospice also offers music therapy, massage therapy, pet therapy, child and family bereavement services and charitable care, called the “Faith Difference.” Faith prides itself on offering quality care tailored to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient and family.

“He let go while I sang Silent Night, which is the most profound thing I think that has ever happened in my life,” said Montes. “To sleep in heavenly peace I really believe that he chose to let go in that moment.”

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