OAW Celebrates Gratitude

“I am thankful for what I am and what I have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.”
– Henry David Thoreau

On November 16, a wonderful group of VIPs from The Outlook at Windhaven (OAW) gathered for a Gratitude Luncheon, held at Stonebriar Country Club, to celebrate the gift of gratitude before the Thanksgiving holiday. Rev. Jarod Cooper shared special remarks to a room of future OAW residents speaking about the science of gratitude. He explained that implementing an attitude of gratitude positively impacts physical health, psychological health and improves sleep quality.

Rev. Cooper reminded attendees that the biggest blessing we have is each other and asked audience members to share one thing they are thankful for. Many luncheon attendees eagerly shared their blessings with the group which included: good health, spouses, their faith, sons and daughters, peace in spirit and the ability to care for others. VIP Ann Noble shared that she was thankful to be alive after a life-changing health experience causing her heart to stop beating. Another significant moment of thanks was from future resident, Sylvia Mahoney, who shared that her daughter discovered OAW and suggested it would be a great place for her to live. Sylvia said, “I am thankful to be here. The Outlook is filled with so much love. And when I find love, I follow it!”            

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