PVN Ash Wednesday Observance

Wednesday, February 22, marked the beginning of the Christian season of Lent, with the observance of Ash Wednesday. During the Lenten season, 40 days (not including Sundays) between Ash Wednesday and Easter, Christians are encouraged to follow a new spiritual discipline or abstain from a practice or habit. This time is viewed as a sacred opportunity grow closer to God, while contemplating Christ’s journey to the cross.

Presbyterian Village North (PVN) observed the religious occasion with a special Ash Wednesday service held in Monie Chapel. More than 50 residents attended the service officiated by Rev. Dr. Gary Fox, Rev. Denise Odom and Father Ernie McAfee, with piano accompaniment by Cliff Varnon. Residents participated in prayer, singing of hymns and received the imposition of ashes, a reminder of human mortality but also symbolizing purification, humility and repentance before God.

During Lent, a unique prayer wall is on display in PVN’s chapel, serving as a visible reminder of the season. Residents are invited to tie a strip of cloth to the wall with a personal message written on the strip. During the first week, residents focused their reflections on thankfulness. Each week of Lent will focus on a different reflection for contemplation. 

Rev. Denise Odom, PVN’s Director of Spiritual Life, shared the following Ash Wednesday reflection, “‘Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return,’ these words come from Genesis stating that God created Adam from dust and breathed life into him. It’s a time to reconnect to God. Ashes are also a sign of repentance (a return to God). Ash Wednesday is an opportunity to begin a season of reflection, connection and service.”

To learn more about Faith-based activities available to PVN residents, contact Denise Odom, Director of Spiritual Life, at (214) 355-9644 or via email.