PVN Resident Appears on National Television Shows

John “Lucky” Luckadoo made several appearances (via photos and conversation about him) on national television January 24. Scroll below to watch segments featuring “Masters of the Air” stars Austin Butler and Callum Turner as they talk about their World War II drama series, the pressures of playing real-life heroes and share why they were drawn to the story of the 100th Bomb Group.

HODA & JENNA Lucky is featured beginning at the 4:30 mark in this clip.

THE LATE SHOW Later the same day, Lucky was mentioned by Austin Butler while being interviewed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Click here and forward to the 20 minute mark to watch the entire segment, forward to the 26 minute mark for the conversation about Lucky.

THE TODAY SHOW An interesting story about Lucky was shared by Austin Butler when he was interviewed on the Today Show. Click here and forward to the 3:45 minute mark to listen to this little-known fact.