PVN “Sew N Sews” Spread Comfort and Joy

As far as folks can remember, the Sew N Sews have been a part of the fabric of Presbyterian Village North (PVN) dating back to when the community was built in 1980. Some of the ladies are quilters; some have no sewing experience whatsoever. Regardless, their lovingly handcrafted items bring smiles to thousands of recipients of all ages – from infants to hospice patients – for more than four decades.

This holiday season and throughout the year, the dedicated group of 10 to 15 senior women can be found each Tuesday from 9 a.m. until noon in a room at the community that looks and sounds remarkably like Santa’s Workshop. Surrounded by colorful swatches of cloth, stuffing, ribbons and bows, the Sew N Sews produce a wide range of items designed to bring comfort and joy to the recipients. Through the years these items have included pillows, clothing protectors, walker covers and bags for assisted living residents, activity/stimulation blankets for memory care patients, keepsake items for hospice patients and their families and infant receiving blankets.

The Sew N Sews love all of their sewing projects, but those closest to their hearts are the ones for PediPlace, a nonprofit pediatric healthcare practice for children from birth through 18 who are uninsured or who receive Medicaid or CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) benefits. Since the Sew N Sews began keeping records of their donations in 2015, they have delivered an impressive 11,000 bears, stuffed animals, and other items – an output that translates into 5 bears a day or 35 bears a week for six years.

PVN’s Sew N Sews in their workshop