Senior Living Design Featured On At The Forefront Podcast


In this insightful episode, host Tim Mallad welcomes designer Bridget Bohacz, to discuss the evolution of design styles in senior living communities across the country.

In this thirty-minute podcast, Tim and Bridget review popular design elements desired by senior living community residents including ample storage space, abundant natural lighting and high-quality materials. In addition, they examine current community trends incorporating state-of-the-art performance halls and dedicated conference rooms and training center spaces for resident use. Finally, Bridget and Tim discuss the progression of dining preferences, with modern-day seniors seeking healthy food choices and variety within community dining venues.

Join us for this very special episode to learn more about the beautiful transformations occurring in senior living communities and view some of the showstopping elements planned for future Forefront Living communities.


Bridget Bohacz received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Michigan State University in the early eighties. With a strong interest in history and classical architecture, Bridget began her career in senior living interior design working for Oxford Retirement Services, Inc. In 1989, Bridget founded Bridget Bohacz & Associates, Inc., (BBA). The company specializes in senior living interiors to create interesting and fresh housing options for seniors across the country. For the past 25 years, they have worked to curate senior living communities that are reflective of the architectural styles and design preferences found in each region, community or neighborhood. Every BBA community is filled with local flavor – art, historical artifacts, photography and hand-crafted art objects that are made by local and regional artisans.

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