Teammate Spotlight: Brandi Bertrand

Forefront Living is pleased to introduce Brandi Bertrand, Director of Healthcare, at Presbyterian Village North (PVN). She leads an interdisciplinary team charged with the responsibility of providing compassionate care. Brandi began her role in late September and looks forward to serving as an advocate for residents and their loved ones. She operates with an open-door policy and shares that her door is always open to anyone needing assistance. We sat down with Brandi to get to know her better through a fun question and answer session. Read more about this dedicated teammate below.

What are you passionate about regarding your professional role?
Professionally, I am passionate about being involved in an industry that is experiencing rapid change while tackling never-before-seen challenges. I am excited to be part of a team that produces, sustains and promotes positive health outcomes for the residents we serve. PVN residents have led such incredible lives and are filled with experience and knowledge. Partaking in this stage of their journey is truly a golden opportunity!

What makes you feel proud?
Beyond my children, I am most proud when I see growth in teammates. Recently, I was able to witness a Certified Nurse Aide complete nursing school to become a Charge Nurse. When I can encourage a teammate to achieve their goals, my heart fills with pride. 

On the weekend, you can find me:
On the weekend, I enjoy spending quality time with family and spoiling my three little dogs with love and affection. 

What are some of your favorite foods?
I like to keep an open mind about cuisine! I find different flavors from around the globe enjoyable, but Asian, Mexican and Italian foods are three of my favorites. Tacos are my ultimate favorite food. The taco is a canvas where you can combine the flavor profiles so that the result is the perfect bite.

Tell us about your hobbies:
I enjoy sewing, crafting, cooking and party planning. Recent sewing accomplishments include Renaissance Fair family costumes and a hand-crafted Mary Poppins parrot umbrella for Halloween.

Tell us about your family:
My husband, Jacob, is a software engineer who worked his way into my heart after beating me at a rather competitive game of trivia. We have two daughters Ashlynn, age 16, and Evangeline, age 9. Ashlynn attends Flower Mound High School and is in the process of choosing a university. She has a black belt in karate, the singing voice of an angel and a generous heart. Evangeline aka Evie is gentle, soft-spoken, judicious and has an infinite imagination. She is passionate about schoolwork and will report at the dinner table how much classroom time she felt was not productive and make time management suggestions for her teacher.

We have three dogs and all are named after the legend of King Arthur. Rest in peace Merlin, a hound mix who can never be replaced. Archie, aka Archimedes the Wise, is a dashing Jack Russell Terrier who operates as if he were a Great Dane. Nimh, aka Lady Nimue Slayer of Secrets, is a regal Beagle, dainty and fearful of her own reflection in water. Lastly is Guin, aka Lady Guinevere, a Corgi-Australian Shepard mix who is under the impression she is a herding dog.

How would your friends describe you?
My friends would describe me as humorous, dependable, prudent and responsible. They can count on me to provide sound advice.