Teammate Spotlight – Melora Hartman

When did you begin employment at Faith Presbyterian Hospice (FPH/Faith) and what was your job title when you began?

I was a Registered Nurse (RN) Case Manager when I joined Faith in May of 2013, almost nine years ago!

What is your current job title?

I am the Patient Care Manager for the Simmons Inpatient Unit.

Can you share a little about your professional growth within the organization? What has helped you advance in your career? What has kept you at Forefront Living?

I believe in positivity, having a strong sense of integrity and being an advocate for patients and teammates. I love my teammates and believe Forefront Living does good work for the community – this has kept me here for nine years. 

What do you like best about working here?

I love to help people! If I can leave work at the end of the day and feel like I have helped someone, then it has been a great day.

Please share a special “Moment That Mattered” to you.

There are so many! When I see the Certified Nursing Aides (CNA) I work with providing gentle care during a patient’s last moments, when I hear the Chaplain praying with loved ones at a patient’s bedside, when I see the Social Worker being a supportive shoulder to cry on for a grieving spouse, when I see children smiling with the Child Life Therapist, when I hear “Amazing Grace” sung by the Music Therapist during a patient’s final moments, when I see the Massage Therapists working their magic and bringing peace to patients, when I see RNs and Nurse Practitioners giving their all to the patients and families day in and day out – these are the Moments that Matter!

Please share a little about yourself personally.

I love to bake and try new recipes. I enjoy walking my dog, Tippy. Tippy is almost 80lbs now! She was only 3lbs when we rescued her as a puppy. I am married to a wonderful man, Jordan! We have two sons, Elijah (age 9) and Isaac (age 8). They are my world!

The Hartman Family: Melora and Jordan with sons Isaac and Elijah