Teammates Get Resourceful – Go Above and Beyond to Assist PVN Resident

This week an Independent Living resident at Presbyterian Village North (PVN) was in severe pain and in need of transfer to the campus Transitional Rehabilitation Center (TRC) for further care. The request to transfer was received after hours and the usual teammates who normally handle the admission process had left for the day.

However, knowing how acutely the resident needed TRC’s services, the admissions team took it upon themselves to make moments matter and ensure the resident was taken care of quickly. Joyce Thompson, Marilyn Boykin and Joni Watson walked over to The Oaks where the resident lives, and transferred him via golf cart to the TRC. Antoine Bell saw the trio in action and also stopped to help. Without the compassion, ingenuity and perseverance shown by these teammates, the resident would have remained in pain in his apartment for several more hours.

This kind of across-campus teamwork demonstrates how PVN teammates care for all residents on its campus, not just those in their “area of care”.