Thankful Thoughts From Tim Mallad

It is hard to believe that we are approaching two years since the beginning of the pandemic. I vividly recall discussing it’s expected duration with our team in March of 2020. Eight weeks seemed to be the longest anyone could project without being called a pessimist! Since then, we’ve lived through cycles of lockdowns, re-openings, restrictions and interruptions. Many of the things we once regarded as ‘normal’ are now considered special events.

During the last two years parents faced the challenges of home-schooling, often while trying to work from home. Hard-working, proud people turned to others for support, many for the first time, as their situations changed. People with family overseas (let alone other states) became separated. Our residents went through periods of seeing their families by windowpanes or via the now dreaded Zoom app. Our patients and their families have longed to see the face under our teammates’ mask. And the list goes on…

Despite the challenges, many good things evolved during the same two years. While aspects of the pandemic are challenging and at times tragic, it also brought out the best in many of us. Let’s not forget the many miracles, large and small, we’ve witnessed. Those who have held out a helping hand to others without concern for the potential risk to themselves. Those who put the needs of their community first, demonstrating a true love of neighbors. Many of these heroes reside in our own organization! I continue to be in awe of all the great things our teammates do to help ease apprehension and fill in when people are separated from their loved ones. As well as the support and care our residents, families and patients extend to our teammates.

Hospice teammates continue to go above and beyond in their daily care, putting patients and their families’ needs, as always, first. It takes great creativity, but platforms are in place to serve grieving children through virtual Faith Kids and Camp Faith. Our teammates have also been a part of the solution by providing thousands of COVID-19 vaccines to ourselves, those we serve and the broader community, for a total north of eight thousand arms “served”! These and so many other stories fill me with gratitude and hope.

While the COVID-19 pandemic changed who we are as a nation it also provided an opportunity for us to become part of a more compassionate community. Compassion is one of our core faith-based values and I am grateful for this. Individual acts of kindness have a huge impact on the lives of many. While I am not certain what the new normal is, I hope this same generosity of spirit will continue to guide us. I believe our mission to “make moments matter for those we serve” is even stronger than ever. The trials and succeeding triumphs of the pandemic re-emphasize our vision and our values and more than anything, they’ve added an exclamation mark at the end of our tag line – Moments Matter!