Veterans Celebration Hosted at the Gruchalla Pavilion

Presbyterian Village North (PVN) hosts an annual Veterans Day celebration to honor those that served in the armed forces.

This year, Rev. Denise Odom opened the ceremony with a prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance from Security Manager, Ivory Tatum. Next, Executive Director, Bryan Cooper shared a story about how he appreciated the freedoms the armed forces grant the citizens of the United States. The floor was then opened to residents, allowing them to share stories about their time in service. 

Several residents shared happy times of laughter and comradery and a few paid tribute to those they lost along the way. The open forum concluded with a woman sharing her recollection of how she and other Home Front Heroes supported the war effort from afar.

To end the celebration, Director of Sales and Marketing, Heather Porch sang the National Anthem and America the Beautiful and light refreshments were served to all attendees.