Where Do You Go When You Need to Tell Your Story?

Sharing our stories is healing. But you may find that just when you need support the most, family and friends may not be able to listen to your story as often as you need to tell it.

Where do we go to tell our stories – to talk about the ones we loved and the significant people in our lives? Where do we tell our stories about the things that changed our worlds – the diagnosis, the prognosis, the events leading up to the death, the death itself, and what our life is like now? Who has the understanding, patience, and the same need to share, as well as to listen?

Grief groups offer ongoing. “come when you need to” support. They offer educational materials and information about the grieving process, so you can know your feelings and reactions are normal. Participants in groups have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the emotional and physical dynamics of grief
  • Create a sense of connection to others experience similar losses
  • Decrease the sense of isolation
  • Increase the sense of normalcy
  • Find others who have stories to share and who welcome your stories – no matter how many times you need to tell them
  • Find healthy coping skills and strategies to adjust to this life without their loved in it.

By Valerie Sanchez, LCSW, CT, – Director of Bereavement