With Love From Bella Vida

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and celebrating love, a talented Bella Vida Sales and Marketing teammate wrote a beautiful poem to share, speaking to the love and dedication woven into every aspect of the up and coming San Antonio senior living community. As you read through these lines, know that this is a testament to the collective vision for Bella Vida and the unwavering love and care that lays the foundation for every brick in this vibrant community.

A Beautiful Life

In North San Antonio, where the skies stretch wide,

A community blossoms with hearts full of pride.

Bella Vida emerges, a haven so true, crafted by caring souls, a dedicated crew.

A small nonprofit team, their mission so bright,

to make every moment matter, in the gentle light.

Views that enchant, amenities grand, a retirement haven, in this gorgeous land.  

In the hilly embrace of North San Antone, Bella Vida’s charm, like a secret known.

For VIPs seeking joy in their golden years, a community rises, calming their fears.   

A team with big hearts, a melody sweet,

weaving plans where diversity and compassion meet.

Retirement dreams, secure and serene, in Bella Vida, where life’s moments convene.  

With gratitude woven in every corner and space, in La Cantera, the beautiful place.

A community thrives, like a beautiful song, Bella Vida, where hearts truly belong.